Trunate Plus
The Power Game of Two Hands

Composition : Nateglinide 60mg + Metformin 500mg SR

Form : Tablets / Pack : 10’s / Type : Blister

Description : Combination therapy with nateglinide and metformin was more efective than either treatement alone and did not result in any pharmacokinetic interactions. Co-administration of nateglinide and metformin appears to be an excellent option for treating patients with type 2 diabetes not controlled with monotherapy - Diabetes Care 2000 Mar; 23 (3) : 349-53 In all studies where nateglinide/metformin was compared to metformin combined with any insulinotropic agent, hupoglycemia was less frequent and changes in body weight were smaller with the nateglinide/metformin combination - Vasc Health Risk Manag. 2008 December; 4 (6): 1167-1178 Reducing the risk of vascular complications, is the most important feature of nateglinide."

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