Cogvgard Inhaler
The Algorithm Of Asthma Management

Composition : Tritropium Bromide 9mcg Per Actuation

Form : Inhaler / Pack : 1 x 1's / Type : 120 Metered Doses

Description : : In large randomized clinical trials enrolling patients with moderate to severe asthma, add-on therapy with Tiotropium has demonstrated to be efficacious in improving lung function, decreasing risk of exacerbation and slowing the worsening of disease In view of the numerous ancillary effects acting on inflammation, airway remodeling, mucus production and cough reflex, along with the good safety profile and the broad spectrum of efficacy demonstrated in different disease phenotypes, tiotropium can represent a beneficial alternative in the therapeutic management of poorly controlled asthma - Multidiscip Respir Med 12, 12 (2017).

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