About us

Medical discoveries and innovations have revolutionized modern living and saved millions of lives, so it is respectfully nomenclatured as “Health Industry”. This health industry is now entering a new era-one in which, it has to re-invent itself; not just to compete but also to prove its social legitimacy.

Aar Ess Remedies Pvt. Ltd. as a part of this industry is pleased to offer comprehensive healthcare products for major ranges. The company has lived up to the image and the good-will earned entirely due to the trust it has acquired over the years of ethical operation and emerging as the centre of excellence, with the changing pace of life.

Aar Ess Remedies Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2004 by Mr. R. M. Sharma, Chairman with the vision“May Everyone Enjoy Good Health”. We are an emerging pharma-marketing company, serving in major pharmaceutical segments in India. The company is financially sound and growing every moment with the simple social philosophy. We are well acknowledged in pharma-market along with the supply to many a Govt, Semi-govt. & Private institutions.

We have professionally managed team of…

  1. Product Research & Development
  2. Market Research & Development
  3. Human Resources & Development
  4. Sales & Administration
  5. Orders & Supply
  6. Finance matters
  7. Legal matters