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Composition : Fexofenadine 120mg + Montelukast 10mg

Form : Tablets / Pack : 1 X 10s / Type : Strips

Description : The literature search establishes that addition of fexofenadine to montelukast has added benefit. The combination therapy of montelukast with fexofenadine provide enhancing and complimentary effects thereby reducing the symptoms effectively- – Indian journal of Pharmacology; 2016; Vol : 48; Issue : 6; Page : 649-653
Fexofenadine 120 mg + Montelukast 10mg fixed dose combination (FDC) was bioequivalent to individual tablets of fexofenadine & montelukast of the same strengths administered concurrently. No serious AEs were observed with fexofenadine 120mg + montelukast 10mg FDC. The tolerability of the FDC was comparable to that of the co-administered individual components. With the availability of an FDC tablet, patients suffering from allergic rhinitis will have a more convenient option to improve treatment compliance and adherence - Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, pp 651- 656, Sept.- Oct. 2016

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