Reno- Cardio Protective Calcium Channel Blocker

Composition : Benidipine 4mg + Chlothalidone 12.5mg

Form : Tablets / Pack : 10’s / Type : ALU-ALU

Description : Reno-Protection: -By triple calcium channel blocking activity, dilates Afferent and Efferent arterioles reduces glomerular pressure. -Prevents the progression of Reno parenchymal hpertension and nephropathy by increasing NO fromation in the renal Parenchyma. -Exerts Natriuretic effect. -Benidipine partially inhibits angiotensin II induced upregulation of the mRNAs and shows Ca2 + influx inhibitory activities for aldosterone production. Cardio Pretction -Benidipine attenuates the extent of ischemia through NO-dependent mechanism. -Benidipine reduces left ventricular mass and normalized systemic collagen type degradation abnormalities in essential hypertensive patients with severe LVH. -Benidipine increases in the plasma levels of CGRP in the patients with essential hypertension. -Benidipine hydrochloride decreases oxidative stress."

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