Bioequivalent Antibiotic for Switch Over Therapy

Composition : Linezolid 600mg

Form : Tablets / Pack : 1 X 10s / Type : AA

Description : The oxazolidinones is a new class of antibiotics that are effective against many resurgent gram-positive organisms. The first of the oxazolidinones, linezolid, is available as an intravenous or oral agent. Its high bioavailability allows initial oral therapy for many infections and a convenient switch from intravenous to oral therapy when indicated.
Linezolid therapy has been found to cure or improve more than 90 percent of patients treated for skin and soft tissue infections. Dosages twice daily produced clinical success rates exceeding 89 percent in patients with complicated and uncomplicated skin/soft tissue infections. Linezolid also exhibited similar efficacy to oxacillin / dicloxacillin and vancomycin- Drugs. 2000; 59:815–27.

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