Composition : Acebrophylline 100mg + Acetylcysteine 600mg

Form : Tablets / Pack : 10X10’s / Type : Alu-Alu

Description : On a clinical level, acebrophylline is therapeutically effective in patients with acute or chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive or asthma-like bronchitis and recurrence of chronic bronchitis; it reduces the frequency of episodes of bronchial obstruction and reduces the need for beta 2- Agonists and improves indexes of ventilatory function- Monaldi Arch Chest Dis. 2007 Jun;67(2):106-15. The acetylated variant of the amino acid L- Cysteine, is an excellent source of sulfhydryl (SH) groups, and is converted in the body into metabolites capable of stimulating glutathione (GSH) synthesis, promoting detoxification, and acting directly as free radical scavengers - Altern Med Rev.1998 Apr;3(2):114-27. Category: Respiratory

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